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Comments: By Julie. The best do-rags anywhere. Nothing comes between my helmet and my head but an Outriders Apparel Do-Rag. It never fails when I have mine on at least one person asks me where I got it.

Comments: By Randall No, I received two, the old one was also there. I just used the new one to ride from Kentucky to California, It worked great. Thank you.

Comments: By Steven From Shenandoah PA, Body: I was amazed how quick I received my order.Excellent service.

Comments: By Cliff From Rockwall TX. I just received my do rag and was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. I love it. I will be ordering some more of your do rags.

Thanks so much!

Just wanted to thank you for the bandana and delivery I heard you broke your wrist I hope all is well and wish you a speedy recovery and I will be ordering again and my friends will be too! I told them how these NEVER come off I love them ! again thank you take care see you next year Jenn.

Comments: By Scott Love the skull bandanna I purchased in RedLodge! BEST EVER!!!!

I like the bandana , I ordered from you ... AWESOME !!! Thank you , I am & will buy more from this Awesome company . Thanks again , dan

I really like the skull wrap. I have tried so many different do rags and I can't tell you how happy I was to find your website with the EZ-Wear "elastic" in the back items. The material is very nice. I just needed to get the right fit.

Thank you for a great product!

Sandy M.

Comments: By Jeannie I love my crystal Do Rag and so does everyone else. It was sent to me from a good friend to help me look good going through chemo and loosing my hair. I love it so much that I have ordered more. Thanks for making bald not be so bad.

Comments: By Starla I received so many compliments on my Crystal bandana this week-end. Thanks Mark & Sherry. I gave a-lot of referals to Outriders. Hope they all hit u guys up!

Comments: By Julie Received my new Tie-Dye Crystal Bling Do-Rag today. It Rocks! So shiny in the sun, :) Jerry loves his Route 66 T-shirt. It's a road we have traveled many times, many good memories there. Thanks so much for your great product!

Comments: By GARY From the UK. Hi Mark , thanks very much for your help , i have been trying to get some good bike patches over here in the UK but we dont have as good a choice as you have in the USA , i am glad i found your web site as no one here in the UK will have the same back patch even better that it is limited edition , i will pass your web site on to friends and recommend you . once again thanks very much for your help all the best cheers .

Comments: By Julie I had the most fun in this Do-Rag! Wow! It's color is amazing. I don't think pictures can really do it justice. The bling is so sparkling againt the red, and the white contrast really sets off the look of it. It is truly the most amazing do-rag I have ever had. And as usual it has the same quality with the pre-tied knot and elastic in back. It is a perfect fit everytime. No tying, no hair pulling, no re-adjusting later. You just put them on and go. You can never go wrong with an OutRiders do-rag.

Comments: By Lori Firth. Sherry! These are so cool! I finally was able to wear my Do rag you made this fall. They are wonderful! Good Luck Cuz!

Comments: By Julie Hey! Can't tell you how many times I gave out your name and website address while on vacation in August. Especially in New Mexico, they loved my do-rags there! I get asked about them all of the time though so I feel extra good wearing them. :)

Comments: By Amy From Harley Davidson of Salt Lake. Great product and easy ordering system.

Comments: By Julie From The Woodlands TX. Other women bikers may understand this delima. The Do-Rag delima. How to control your hair while wearing a helmet. Yes, you can get just any old do-rag and tie it on, but what will it look like? There are racks of them at the store but they all look alike. The same tired patterns at every Biker store. It's nearly impossible to find something different and with a little fashion. When you do find something different at a rally you might as well put a handkerchief on your head because it's so thin. After an exhaustive search on google I finally found an answer!


They have Do-Rags and Bandanas. Choices include Swarovski Crystals and lead free Acrylic Crystals. And get this - they come in SIZES! From XX Small to X Large. You just measure your head and order the correct size. They have Scotchguard finish. Elastic in the back so no need to tie. A secret 'pocket' is in the back to hold small items in your do-rag.

I just love my new do-rags! The quality is outstanding. Can't wait to order more. And I was so excited when I saw they actually had a White Widow pattern that matched my Swarovski Crystals Derby and Timing Cover on my bike.

They have other biker accessories as well. Check em out even if you don't ride. You'd be surprised at how much tying your hair up in a do-rag helps keep you cool in the summer!

Comments: By Starla From West Valley UT. I have several from Out Rider's Apparel. They are the best & everytime I see a new one I gotta have it!

Comments: By Michele From Magna UT. My experience was great! It was so easy and convenient. Great prices too!

Comments: By Lisa From West Jordan UT. i just love my doo rag! Have always believed in the Yin Yang.

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